MENA Economic Forum, Nov. 7-8 2013


Inspired by the role played by Marseille as a key player in building bridges all around the Mediterranean basin, the MENA Economic Forum (MEF) was launched in 2011 to raise partnerships between Europe and Arab countries.

Two years later, and after another successful event in Sharjah (United Arab Emirates) which demonstrates the Forum’s influence on the international scene as a model of cooperation, the Organizing Committee decided to convene its next edition back in Marseille on November 7th-8th, 2013 in the framework of “Marseille European Capital of Culture”.

The first business forum ever dedicated to strengthening ties between Europe and the MENA region (Middle East North Africa), this unique event will gather more than three hundred participants, CEOs and other leaders willing to share their expertise and eager to develop new partnerships. The Forum’s motto could not be clearer: “Sharing Prosperity and Vision”.

Following MEF speakers’ advice CAPmena and Euromed Management (today KEDGE Business School), co-Chair of the Forum, have launched with a MENA academic partner a Euro-Arab Management Chair as a concrete example of how successful European and Arab Higher Education institutions can be when they team up.

At a time of monumental evolutions in the Arab world and as Europe undergoes an unprecedented crisis, the MENA Economic Forum provides both public and private stakeholders with a tremendous opportunity for reflection in order to achieve sustainable growth and development.